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Hi, Can I Help You With Your Camera?

Plant Street scenic at dusk. Photo: ©2014 Mark Lepow

Hi everyone, whether it is along picturesque Plant Street in Winter Garden, FL, a Central Florida theme park, or somewhere around the globe, when I see people struggling with their camera I ask myself why isn’t there a single way to help them. Unless I’m pressed for time, I’ll offer assistance, and then find out that they just acquired their camera either by purchase or receiving it as a gift (before taking the trip of a lifetime). At that point I’ll show them some basic settings and try to get them on their way.

But there an easier way, Photo Coaching by Mark. We spend three hours walking and talking about how to use your camera. It has always been my opinion that people learn by doing, not by sitting in a darkened room watching a glorified slide show. Though I am partial to Plant Street in Winter Garden, FL, I am willing to meet you in other photogenic locations.

There are three options on how we will work together to improve your photographic skills:
1. One on one.
2. You, me and a friend of your’s (discount for two person).
3. Just going over your camera settings (this is a one on one talk, not a walk).

Please visit Photo Coaching by Mark for more info and to sign up today.

I can’t wait to coaching you to photographic success.

Coach Mark