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SAVE THE DATE: Heartland Tri June 17 & 18, 2017

heartland2017 is proud to once again be part of the Heartland Triathlon.

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From the archives: DNC Atlanta 1988

1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, GA. Photo: ©2016 Mark Lepow

1988 Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, GA. Photo: ©2016 Mark Lepow

I spent the most of 1988 Democratic National Convention covering the “official” protest area across the street from CNN Center in Atlanta. The only time I would leave the area was when there was nothing going on in the area, or a rally/protest was happening somewhere else in the city.

The man leaning against the steel beam was present during the majority of the rallies and speeches in the protest area. He never took notes, no obvious camera, and generally tried to just blend in with the media. During downtime some reporters would ask who he was, or who he was with, and he always said he didn‘t want to be interviewed. Eventually reporters just stopped talking to him.

Was he a government employee, who knows. Was he a reporter, who knows. Was he simply a curious person, again, who knows. I just love how for just a few seconds, everything came together so I could capture this photo.

Changes in life and my time.

Hello loyal readers. Yes, it has been a while since I posted, lots of stuff going on, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to update as often as I want.

No, I am not going to make a blanket, “I promise to post more” type of post, but in my mind, I have at least a dozen photo centric posts to publish.

Plus, now that I am no longer teaching photography for Crealdé, I want to finally post “how-to’s” and more photography 101 types of tips that I can pass along from a career that spans 37 years.

So, please be patient, and yes, new posts are coming, eventually. Ok, maybe in the next few days.


Adventure Is Out There on February 27th.

Go on Safari inside Disney’s Animal Kingdom with the Disney Dapper Darlins this coming Saturday (February 27th)!

This event will include an Elimination Style Savenger Hunt culminating in a fantastic Group Ride Photo!! Dress in Safari Chic or represent your favorite Disney Character going on Safari!!

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