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Tower of Terror & Morocco’s minaret, together forever.

Morocco minaret and Tower of Terror during the day. Photo: ©2014 Mark Lepow

Morocco minaret and Tower of Terror during the day. Photo: ©2014 Mark Lepow

You have heard the rumor, that if you pay close attention in the area near the bridge to the Mexico pavilion at EPCOT, you could catch a glimpse of buildings from two different parks at Walt Disney World, to the point, Tower of Terror from the Hollywood Studios and Morocco’s minaret in EPCOT. It exists! Yes, a “perfect aligned view” is at most 10 adult paces wide, but here is a photo I captured on 11/20/14.


Moroccan Lamp at EPCOT, a Work in Progress.


Moroccan lamp at EPCOT Photo ©2015 Mark Lepow

Came across this lamp at EPCOT’s Morocco Pavilion this past Saturday. I like how the light just dances along the glass beads.

What do you think, do you like it or not? Now for the hard part, share WHY you feel that way.


Beauty in a Nighttime Walk

Photo: ©2015 Mark Lepow,

Photo: ©2015 Mark Lepow,

The next time you go out for a walk at night, in a well lit location of course, see what you can create with your phone’s camera. I enjoy seeing the new plants that  are delivered to a Lowe’s by my house. Tonight I came across these purple, pink and white flowers. They smelled wonderful and helped make the next mile a tad bit easier. #flowers #lowes #walking #wintergarden

Looks Real But Are Fake. Disney Magic At Work.

Photo: ©2014 Mark Lepow
Yes, I enjoy exploring Walt Disney World, regardless if at one of the parks or resorts, I like to just walk around with my camera and create images. But, alas, Disney being Disney, means that not everything you think is real, is actually a living thing. Take this flower arrangement that I came across at Disney’s BoardWalk Inn‘s Belle Vue Lounge, I spent a couple of minutes shooting it from various angles before I reached out to move a branch. To my amazement, these are FAKE! I know, some of you are thinking, uh huh Mark, couldn’t you tell by just looking at them? In my defense, the arrangement SMELLED like a wonderful bouquet of flowers. Photo: ©2014 Mark E. Lepow

Rainy Days (help) Create Art

Rain on a screen. Photo: ©2013 Mark E. Lepow

I have spent many hours of my life (in fleeting minute here minute there moments) witnessing the results of rain on objects that take on a life of their own with that rain. Take your porch screen, though it offers us some sun dampening on bright days, it is when water and screen meet that some interesting patterns are created. Enjoy the view. Photo: ©2013 Mark E. Lepow