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Changes in life and my time.

Hello loyal readers. Yes, it has been a while since I posted, lots of stuff going on, and unfortunately I haven’t been able to update as often as I want.

No, I am not going to make a blanket, “I promise to post more” type of post, but in my mind, I have at least a dozen photo centric posts to publish.

Plus, now that I am no longer teaching photography for Crealdé, I want to finally post “how-to’s” and more photography 101 types of tips that I can pass along from a career that spans 37 years.

So, please be patient, and yes, new posts are coming, eventually. Ok, maybe in the next few days.


Where Did “Prints & More” Go?

As of August 26th, our shopping cart (which was linked to via “Prints & More” in the menu) will be down for renovation. I was never really happy with how it worked when you would visit the site,  but also equally frustrating was how clunky it was to upload a single image that we wanted to offer limited edition gallery prints of.

The shopping cart will return to its home at “Prints & More” in the menu bar in a couple of days and will offer a much more streamlined ordering process.

Think you for your support,
Mark Lepow

POV Medical Tow Sled Evac in the Fresh Powder

During my senior year of high school at the Lowell Whiteman School I created an independent study in photography class, yeah, easy “A”. My teacher, Judy Duchnese was also a photographer and we had a blast during this semester long class. Because I was required to have a project, I chose the daily operations of the Steamboat Ski Corp, which oversaw the operations of the Steamboat Springs Ski Area. I got to climb the gondola towers, take part in  avalanche prevention, and much more. One of my most interesting photos though was how they evacuated people off the mountain in a stretcher.

I created this photo as we moved down Vagabond and it was not an easy shoot. You can see the snow was dumping, which meant it was building up on my lens and because I was strapped in like an injured skier, I had very little movement. At this point in my life, for the life of me I can’t remember the ski patrol officer who took me down the mountain, but we did have some pre-discussed fun, like going fast in certain sections, and catching some air here and there. This WAS NOT the average tow down the hill.


Mothballed Disney Monorail Cars Awaiting Demolition & Burial.

Years before the horror of September 11th, anyone with a plane could fly over Walt Disney World. I know a pilot and we used to to do it often. The rules are obviously different now.

There are dozens of discussions on the web about what Disney does with their obsolete or mothballed monorail cars. This photo (cropped version of a much larger area), shows a few dozen cars awaiting demolition and burial. This particular landfill area was near the Polynesian Resort and is no longer in use (based on google maps).

Walt Disney World Monorail Cars Awaiting DemolitionPhoto: Mark E. Lepow/Lepow Photo

Carmex in a jar and other Brand Loyalty.

Carmex_fb700In the 80’s I was fortunate enough to be given the chance to attend the Lowell Whiteman School in Steamboat Springs, CO. The campus is nestled in a valley near the Continental Divide and many natural wonders. I started my high school career mid year, in January of 1983. Within a day or two I realized that my stick type lip balm wasn’t going to cut it. With the cold temperatures stick based balms were not soft enough to apply whenever you wanted. I started to notice these little white jars with a yellow screw on lid all over school. The stuff was called Carmex. I asked a friend if I could try it, and took the first of many index finger dips into the world of lip therapy.

If you have never tried Carmex, I invite you to go out and buy a jar at your local drug store. When you rub or barely dip your index finger into the balm (NOT DUNK, just barely touch the surface enough to get a dab on your finger) then touch your finger to your lips the first thing you notice is the menthol. Just enough to make you notice. Then when you start to move your finger across your lips, you realize how easy it is to apply. After a while you will realize that the stuff is still on your lips and you can pretty much toss out that yucky stick of your old lip balm. If the idea of dipping your finger into balm is not for you, don’t worry, they have tubes and sticks.

YES, I HAVE tried other balms, and yes, I liked Burt’s Bees, but kept craving my Carmex. Don’t get me wrong, I love the scents and tastes that Burt’s comes in, but to me, lip balm is not about scents and tastes, it is about how well it works. I can apply Carmex in the morning, have my coffee, breakfast, etc, and still know it is working on taking care of my lips.

For this there are multiple jars of Carmex in my life, my laptop bag, my car, and in the house.

When I started to mentally compose this post I got to thinking about what other brands am I pretty much loyal to death over. I would say the two most important tools of my career, Nikon and Apple. Other then for normal wear & tear, my Nikons have never failed me (yes, I have blown shutters, but to me that is wear and tear). I can bang the heck out of the bodies and they still work. When I used to hike with my trusted Nikon F3hp, I would take the motor drive with me. Why take a motor drive in the woods? Because I would unscrew the MD4 from the body and guess what, I now had a hammer, sure NOT a 20# sledge hammer, but it worked when I needed it. The point being that my Nikons are VERY durable and I know that they will take the punishment I hand them.

YES, I  tried other brands of camera systems, and unfortunately, even with the help of the company sales reps, none of the could take the punishment I dished out. Within a couple of months I had destroyed several other brands of camera bodies doing things that my Nikons would not have an issue with.

So readers, what brands are you fiercely loyal to and why?