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Laying a foundation in Hong Kong

Years ago I travelled to Hong Kong for a week or two at a time, mixing business with well, fun. I love Hong Kong, and dream of returning soon. This photo, which I created while crossing Victoria Harbour on the Star Ferry, is just a portion of the dozens of cement trucks that were being used to pour what became the foundation of the new #HongKong Convention Center. Photo: ©1993 Mark Lepow

Universal Studios Florida JAWS Ride Without Water

JAWS! at Universal Studios Florida without water. Photo: Mark Lepow

While JAWS at Universal Orlando was undergoing major reha. Photo: Mark Lepow


Mothballed Aircraft at Mojave Flight Center

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Before the horrors of 9/11 I was able to take a private tour of the planes that were in various stages of being sold for parts, and also brand new Boeing aircraft that had been flown flown in from the … Continue reading

POV Medical Tow Sled Evac in the Fresh Powder

During my senior year of high school at the Lowell Whiteman School I created an independent study in photography class, yeah, easy “A”. My teacher, Judy Duchnese was also a photographer and we had a blast during this semester long class. Because I was required to have a project, I chose the daily operations of the Steamboat Ski Corp, which oversaw the operations of the Steamboat Springs Ski Area. I got to climb the gondola towers, take part in  avalanche prevention, and much more. One of my most interesting photos though was how they evacuated people off the mountain in a stretcher.

I created this photo as we moved down Vagabond and it was not an easy shoot. You can see the snow was dumping, which meant it was building up on my lens and because I was strapped in like an injured skier, I had very little movement. At this point in my life, for the life of me I can’t remember the ski patrol officer who took me down the mountain, but we did have some pre-discussed fun, like going fast in certain sections, and catching some air here and there. This WAS NOT the average tow down the hill.


My train is in the station.

Orange Blossom CannonballEver get that feeling that if you don’t hurry that the train, YOUR train, will leave the station without you? Well, right now that is where my life is. Over the past couple of months several people have reached out to me about doing other things in my life. All the options are near and dear to my heart, and the latest one involves teaching photography.

Being a teacher is something I have always considered beyond my reach. My Dad was an Industrial Arts professor at NYU in the 60’s prior to he and my mom moving to Orlando to start their company, which lasted nearly 50 years. My sister is a teacher, my wife Kathy is a teacher, so you could say in various forms, teaching is in my blood, though in reality, I was adopted at birth. Heck, even my next door neighbor is a teacher, and our across the street neighbor is a teacher. Oh my God, I am surrounded by teachers! So, maybe God really is trying to tell me something…

Photo info: I shot the Orange Blossom Cannonball in Tavares, Florida on Sunday, March 3, 2013 at Wooton Park in Tavares, FL. Click the link for more info about the train or Tavares.