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Thank you for your interest in Lepow Photo.

At our heart we are a company that offers very personalized photographic and marketing services regardless of the how many participants you have in your event.

When you hire LepowPhoto for event coverage, you can choose to have use partner with you in marketing your event online or solely to provide photographic coverage. We have been involved with marketing events since 1985 and started marketing events online in the late 90’s.

Lepow Photo is uniquely positioned to offer you this service based upon our 16 years of experience in providing our clients with the best photographs possible of their events, combined with an online presence that extends back to 1998.

After partnering with Lepow Photo, we will post your event information on LepowPhoto.com‘s event calendar and make sure the most people possible know about your event. There will always be a link to the registration page when we post about the event.

Mark E. Lepow
Owner, Lepow Photo
Event Photography & Marketing
E: Mark@LepowPhoto.com
FB: facebook.com/LepowPhoto

Lepow Photo
PO Box 784435
Winter Garden, FL. 34778
ph: 407-924-2322

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