Shiloh Cemetery in Sanford Florida, November 1999


I came know about the Shiloh Cemetery back in 1998 when a friend in law enforcement told me that vandals had struck again and asked if I could help document the desecration.

I visited Shiloh about a dozen times or so over the next year or so. No, I wasn’t afraid to walk around as in do I think it is haunted, because MANY of the graves have been disturbed, and yes, human remains were visible, both in the crypts and on the ground. I was more concerned about were I was stepping because you could see barely sunken ground which signified that the coffin underneath had decayed enough that it had collapsed.

One day I would like to go back to Shiloh to photograph how it appears today. Have no idea if it is once again over grown or if local politicos kept their promise to provide upkeep of the grounds.

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  1. Melissa Kurtz

    looking for Shilo to photograph and document for sanford historical society

  2. Bobbie Price

    I recently visited the Shiloh Cemetery and found the back to be well kept but to get there it is a disgrace. I wonder how anyone can disrespect the dead like that. It is over grown and hasn’t seen a mower or anything in so many years. I wanted to cry seeing the way these graves were kept, or should I say untouched. How can people be so heartless. What if it were their loved ones buried there?

  3. Joseph Rodgers

    I was there this past Sat & Sunday. I cleaned and removed debries from 4 Veteran’s stones, that were in the wooded area. It is in much better condition than on the 90’s, but still lots to be done.

    • Thank you for the update Joseph. Have you been there since early November? I want to get back to Shiloh to document the current condition. Maybe we can get the Boy Scouts out there again.

  4. melissa kurtz

    Shiloh Cemetery is actually the cemetery behind the one pictured here and is usually kept, The cemetery pictured and in the woods on the Sanford Cemetery Complex is Page Jackson Cemetery. Half of the Cemetery is in Sanford and maintained the other part is in Seminole co and is in Disrepair. I tried at one time for US Government to intervene on the Cemetery’s behalf as several military graves are located in it. Military graves in this cemetery go back to the civil war. Other notable people buried here are Zora Neeley Hearstons birth mother, an Ebony magazine photographer, The Harris family to include Montez Husband and Daughter I also tried to get the NAACP to investigate as Page Jackson is one of the few African American cemetery’s still intact in the area many have been moved or monuments have been taken or have worn and disintegrated due to being wood. Nobody wants to Love Page Jackson so much history lost please let me know if any efforts to restore Page Jackson are in the works.

    • Thank you very much for this information Melissa. I know the Boy Scouts cleaned it up a while after I visited, but they never intended to keep doing it. It is very heartbreaking to hear the history we have located there and how the remains are not being taken care of. I think a visit there is in my near future.

  5. My Grandfather, Grandmother are buried there in our plots. I will be visiting this year (2016), and hope all is well for their plots. I will take pictures if you would like.

  6. Colt Marcum

    I went out there two days ago to do an archaeological survey for my archaeology methods and theory course at UCF. There’s a group of volunteers that cleared it out in January in the Page Jackson Cemetery area; trees have been cleared around quite a few graves that were otherwise covered by bush for decades. The sunken graves are quite visible now and some of the steel name plates remain but are in most cases unreadable. I bumped into a curator and cemetery restoration expert from the Seminole County History Museum, he gave me the low down on the restoration work, although they cut down quite a bit of trees, they have yet to come back and pick up half of the wood they cut up, the good news is they cleared alot of trash and debris from the area for the most part. Lots of history and its great to see it again. I plan on doing another more in depth ground survey in the future to turn over to the curator and maybe help get a more complete layout of the area.

    • Thank you Colt for the update. Did you take any photos while you were out there? I am going to be heading out there very soon and appreciate your description for what I will be seeing.


  7. I went out there a few weeks ago. The back section has an open section with 50 or so graves in rows but right next to them is a ton of trash ( old balloons, even an old recliner and such ). If you go up into the tree line you’ll see aa ton of gravestones * grave sites ) everywhere. Massively overgrown and unkept. I’m going to go back and take some pictures.