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Lights, Motors, PYRO!

Lights, Motors, Action finale. Photo ©2015 Mark Lepow

Lights, Motors, Action finale. Photo ©2015 Mark Lepow

BOOM goes the pyro charges! I usually don’t shoot this shot so wide, but today I decided that I wanted to get more of the actual explosions and not focus on the car as much. What do you think?

Farrell Brothers Covering Lynyrd Skynryd’s Sweet Home Alabama

Hailing from Ireland, the Farrell Brothers are one of the two “house bands” at Raglan Road Irish Pub in Downtown Disney and almost always are providing the live entertainment on the porch.

In this video, David Gilmore (left) and Sean Farrell (right) cover Lynyrd Skynyrd’s world famous rock anthem “Sweet Home Alabama” albeit with an Irish accent.

I’ve been hoping that they will once again perform this song so that I can get some more video, but this video remains to be the only evidence that exists that these guys EVER played Sweet Home Alabama.

The Farrell Brothers, which includes Sean’s brother Shane, will be performing during the Great Irish Hooley over the Labor Day Weekend. If you are lucky, or yell it loud enough, maybe, just maybe, they will play Sweet Home Alabama.

Video ©2013/Mark E. Lepow, LepowPhoto.com

Disney’s Wishes Fireworks “Finale”.

Think of the great fireworks productions and the word finale usually means a build up and then WHAM! a bunch of shells get shot in the air and then the sky lights up, sorta like this one for the 4th of July.

The “Wishes” finale is not a huge “fill the sky with shells” type of finale. It is more like a few shells near each other and some ground cover. But, it is still pretty cool to see, up close.



A Very Disney 4th of July + 3 Days

LEP_9047_fbcpOne of the cooler things about living in Central Florida is being able to visit the theme parks at a moments notice. In my opinion, of all the spots to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks (from OUTSIDE the gates) is from the Polynesian Resort. Of course, Disney will kick it up a notch for the major holidays, but really, what is more American than fireworks on the 4th of July? Of course, we all know that the BEST portion of a Disney fireworks show is the finale, which is what you see above during the last show for 2013 of the Disney’s Celebrate America! – A Fourth of July Concert in the Sky. Just to give you some scale, see the red and blue fireworks near the middle of the image, well, in the middle of that is Cinderella’s Castle.

Yes, you can get closer at the Contemporary Resort, or the Grand Floridian, BUT the Poly allows you to have a nearly straight down Main Street USA view of the pyrotechnics.

I created the above photo on Sunday, July 7th with my Nikon D800 equipped with the Nikkor 28~300mm f3.5/5.6 lens at 35mm. ISO 1600 with the manual exposure set at 1/15h of a second at f7.1. BTW, I was not using a tripod on purpose. Yes, this is a totally hand-held photo. I then cropped the image to fit Facebook’s Cover Photo sizing of 851 x 314 in Photoshop.

To see a larger view of this file, head on over to our facebook page.

Now that the 4th is officially over, they will once again shoot off the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular, and is USUALLY at 10PM, but click the link to verify.