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A wise man once told me…

Years ago, very early in my career, my Dad was frustrated with me over a very basic mistake that I had made. I knew better, and simply overlooked the obvious. I vividly remember him telling me to “Always look at the details Mark. Just stop and look at the details…”.

Today, my Dad, Neil Irwin Lepow would have celebrated his 78th birthday. There are two birthdays in my life that I can never forget the dates of, my brother who was born the day before Christmas and my Dad who was born the day after Christmas.

Because we have been celebrating Christmas, both the secular “what did Santa bring” version, but Kathy and I have also spent time to remind Anna and Sam the true reason for Christmas.

One of the post Christmas traditions that Anna and I have is to head out to Disney to see the amazing “beyond human scale” gingerbread creations at the resorts. This year we took Sammy along for the first time. Yep, it was a great time and the three of us enjoyed exploring.

As we headed into the DIsney Yacht Club, I spotted some fresh raindrops on a batch of poinsettias. Like my Dad told me many years ago, I explained to Anna and Sammy to stop and look at the details. Below are 2 photos showing some of the details that we saw today.

Thanks Dad.